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How To Dance With a Partner

The international phenomenon purchased in 6 countries, simplifying the way people dance with a partner.

I have been dancing Israeli and international, contra, swing, and ballroom, for over 20 years. Andy's classes are the only ones where I do not get hurt--pushed, pulled, jerked, stepped on, or "thumb wrestled".

He is the only teacher I have ever had who does not teach only moves, patterns, and choreography, but instead has worked out a few basic principles that apply to all types of dancing.

No punishment, only pleasure.

~ Erin, social dancer

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My Fight With Hospice

Hi Andy,

I just finished reading your book My Fight With Hospice. It felt more like having a conversation with you than reading about you and your beautiful Mom. Your ability to share what you experienced is so very touching and heartfelt. I hope you will touch many hearts and continue to question and heal and find peace with missing her.

~ Laura

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